.NET Rocks!

Jeremiah Peschka Stores Data in CorrugatedIron

Episode #701 Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Jeremiah Peschka about his project, CorrugatedIron, a .NET library that gives developers the ability to talk to Riak, Basho's highly-available Key-Value store. The conversation starts with understanding Riak, which is based on Amazon's Dynamo white paper for dynamic distributed storage. Along the way the topics of NoSQL as a whole, distributed data storage, load balancing and functional programming are explored.


Jeremiah Peschka

Jeremiah Peschka helps developers, DBAs, and engineers build faster, robust, and scalable solutions; Microsoft SQL Server is frequently a part of that solution, but other databases are also. He has worked as a database and emerging technology expert at Quest Software researching new trends and technologies around data storage. Before that Jeremiah worked across many industries as a system administrator, developer, and DBA, and has been involved in all aspects of application development and deployment.


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