.NET Rocks!

Billy Cravens Compares and Contrasts ColdFusion and ASP.NET

Episode #696 Thursday, September 8, 2011

After Richard made some (somewhat) disparaging remarks about ColdFusion, Billy sent an email defending the platform. The outcome of that email discussion is this show - Carl and Richard get educated by Billy about what ColdFusion is about. ColdFusion goes back to 1995, and is still going strong at version 10! Billy talks about the similarities and differences between ColdFusion and ASP.NET.


Billy Cravens

Billy is an independent web consultant, building solutions in ColdFusion since version 4.0 in 1999. He is manager of the Houston ColdFusion Users Group, a frequent user group speaker, and also speaks at conferences on ColdFusion, including the recent Dallas TechFest and the upcoming Adobe MAX ColdFusion Unconference. He was a technical editor for Wrox Publishing's only ColdFusion title, as well as some of their first .NET titles. He is a ColdFusion advocate, not a "fan boi", building PHP, PhoneGap, Windows Forms and ASP solutions (dating to ASP 2.0).


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