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Tatham Oddie Makes HTML 5 and Silverlight Play Nice Together

Episode #687 Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Tatham Oddie about building web applications using HTML 5 *and* Silverlight. Tatham talks about the idea that the two technologies are not mutually exclusive - that you can take advantage of the mix of browsers and plugins to build the best experience possible for users. The conversation also moves into data and connectivity in general, ending up on cloud platforms. Tatham talks about how Azure can't scale down far enough, that technologies like AppHarbor are filling in the bottom end of the cloud story.


Tatham Oddie

Tatham Oddie is a four time Microsoft awarded Most Valuable Professional and regular presenter at conferences and events throughout Australia, New Zealand and North America. As a Principal Consultant with Readify he works with businesses to better utilise their technology investments and develop their teams. His technical focus lies around harnessing the heterogeneous environment of networks, devices and software clients we like to call 'the web' for both fun and profit. http://tath.am or @tathamoddie


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