.NET Rocks!

Mark Rendle Has Some Simple.Data

Episode #683 Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Mark Rendle about Simple.Data. As Mark describes it, Simple.Data is not an ORM because there's no objects and no relational mapping. Simple.Data is a dynamic data utility to make your data persistence layer as light weight as possible. Mark also talks about Nancy, a light-weight web development framework. The conversation also moves to OWIN, the Open Web Server Interface. The show wraps up with Mark's insights on simpler, more open software.


Mark Rendle

Mark Rendle is 30 years old in hexadecimal and has been coding professionally for three-quarters of his life. His current mission is to get the world off of .NET 4 point whatever and onto .NET 5.0. In his spare time, he's started making games with Unity and has just released his first project on iOS and Android. Mark's hobbies include genetically modifying otters and decoding the hidden prophecies in the digits of pi.


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