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Ingo Rammer Builds Native HTML 5 Apps

Episode #675 Tuesday, June 28, 2011

While at the Norwegian Developers Conference in Oslo, Norway, Carl and Richard talk to Ingo Rammer about building 'native' HTML 5 apps. Ingo talks about PhoneGap, a wrapper over HTML for building applications that run on all mobile platforms. But then he goes further, talking about other variations on the idea of using HTML 5 as the presentation markup while still being able to connect to the native resources of the platform. Could this be the programming platform of the future?


Ingo Rammer

Ingo Rammer is also co-founder of thinktecture. Ingo focuses mainly on improving performance, scalability and reliability of critical .NET applications. After years of working on the middle tier, he has also recently revived his love of client technologies and currently digs deep into Silverlight and WPF. You can reach him at ingo.rammer@thinktecture.com.


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