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Aspect Oriented Programming at NDC

Episode #672 Thursday, June 16, 2011

While at the Norwegian Developers Conference, Carl and Richard moderated a panel discussion on Aspect Oriented Programming. The discussion ranges over a diverse number of scenarios that aspects make sense for, how you can get in trouble with aspects, and the various aspect toolsets that exist. The audience jumps in with lots of questions for panelists.


Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur built his first commercial software at age 12 and never stopped coding ever since. Gael is widely recognized for his pioneering work in aspect-oriented programming (AOP), particularly through his creation of the PostSharp framework. Recently, his restless passion for improving software development led to the inception of Metalama, a totally new approach to code generation and architecture validation inspired by AOP and based on Roslyn. Gael is a devoted father of five. His musical taste oscillates between baroque, Piazzolla, and classic rock.

Donald Belcham

Donald Belcham is an independent contractor in Edmonton, Alberta Canada who specializes in software development with the .NET platform. With more than 7 years experience delivering Web and Smart Client applications to government and Fortune 100 clients in North America and the South Pacific, he has experience and knowledge in the entire software development life cycle. Combining that experience with his passion for agile development practices and solid OO fundamentals, Donald works to provide the client with software that works for their business. Recognized by Microsoft for his technical skill and community contribution with the Microsoft MVP award in C#, Donald is a notable leader in the developer community. In addition to being a founding member, and current President, of the Edmonton .NET User Group, Donald regularly speaks for .NET User Groups, Code Camps and conferences around the world on topics ranging from development practices to the intricacies of different technologies. His thoughts on software development can be found on his blog at www.igloocoder.com

Krzysztof Kozmic

Krzysztof Kozmic is a consultant with Readify, working and living in Brisbane, Australia. He's been working with .NET framework since version 1.1. Since 2009 he's been a core member of the Castle Project team, working primarily on DynamicProxy and Windsor container.

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