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Chatting with the Imagine Cup Winners!

Episode #660 Thursday, May 5, 2011

While Richard is climbing a mountain in Nepal, Carl talks to the US regional winners of Imagine Cup 2011.


Suzi Levine

Currently working as a director in Microsoft's education team, Suzi Levine is a mom, community organizer and former Expedia executive. After leaving Brown University with degrees in English and Mechanical/aerospace engineering, she worked in marketing at Microsoft (helping launch the final version of MS-DOS, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, and then Windows 98), and then Expedia - eventually becoming vice president of sales and marketing in Expedia's luxury travel division. Her professional passion has always been to help people understand and use technology to improve their lives.

Craig Treasure

Craig Treasure is an Information Technology major who recently graduated from Brigham Young University. His team, BearPaw, created a mobile solution that converts ultrasound image files to an open standard format, and then relies on the cloud for further processing and storage, which enables ultrasounds to be more portable, affordable and easier to use. BearPaw won the Software Design People's Choice Award at Imagine Cup 2011.

Daniel Salazar

Daniel Salazar is team leader of Team Big Impact Bear and a graduating senior of University of Houston with a BS in CS.

David Hayden

David Hayden is the inventor and team captain of Team Note Taker, graduating from Arizona State University majoring in CS and Math, and going on to MIT for a PHD in Comp Sci.


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