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Billy Hollis is a XAML Developer

Episode #659 Tuesday, May 3, 2011

While at Mix 2011, Richard talked to Billy Hollis about XAML development. Billy talks about the balance between WPF and Silverlight work, how he chooses which approach to use. The conversation also digs into steering clear of the 'One Right Way' mindset, and how right now is a great time to be ready to experiment with new technologies - XAML, touch and even gesture.


Billy Hollis

Billy Hollis is an internationally known UX design generalist, software architect, and team leader. He has also authored or co-authored over a dozen books. He’s a long-time speaker at major tech conferences, with over 400 sessions on software development, IT practices, and UX design. He leads a team of world-class multi-platform developers at Next Version Systems, where the team creates and implements trailblazing UX designs for companies from Fortune 100 down to medium-sized technology companies. Billy has also done video courses for Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning. His latest course on LinkedIn is on how to interview software developers.

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