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Luca Passani Builds Mobile Web Pages with WURFL

Episode #653 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Luca Passani about WURFL. WURFL stands for Wireless Universal Resource File. Originally, WURFL was an XML file containing the device capabilities of a huge variety of mobile devices. Today its available in a variety of database formats, including formats friendly to .NET.


Luca Passani

Luca Passani is an Italian software engineer with many years experience in Web and Mobile Internet development. Prior to creating his own company, WURFL-Pro, Luca has spent seven years with Openwave Systems and taken part in projects for Telecoms in the US and Europe. Luca has consulted for different companies in the mobile ecosystem, among them AdMob and Telecom Italia. Luca is known to the community of developers for creating popular software tools such as WURFL and WALL. In addition to that, Luca has authored articles and co-authored books on Mobile Web Development, an area in which Luca is a recognised expert. In 2007, Luca published the so-called GAP guidelines, Global Authoring Practices for the Mobile Web, which helps developers create mobile sites with minimal effort.


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