.NET Rocks!

Adam Driscoll Does PowerShell with TFS

Episode #647 Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Adam Driscoll of Quest Software. The conversation starts with a discussion around Adam's TFS plugin for Android. Then it moves into PowerGUI and the PowerGUI extensions for Visual Studio. PowerGUI is a UI for writing PowerShell scripts and PowerGUI VSX ties PowerGUI into Studio. Adam talks about applications can be built to be PowerShell driven with UI over top to generate the PowerShell commands.


Adam Driscoll

Adam Driscoll is a software developer that works with Quest Software in Madison, WI. He has a strong .NET background primarily focused in C#. Adam works closely with PowerShell as a developer of the vWorkspace PowerShell Module and the author of the PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension. Adam loves living in Madison because of the unique big city atmosphere while being minutes away from the country. Aside from work, he enjoys Frisbee golf, Geocaching and fishing.


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