.NET Rocks!

Boris Scheiman Waves His Hands at nKinect!

Episode #627 Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Boris Scheiman about nKinect, a codeplex project to bring Kinect to .NET! Boris talks about what it takes to make nKinect work and the new features that are coming, while Carl and Richard geek out on the possibilities. Minority Report is here!


Boris Scheiman

Boris is the lead .NET developer in Glider Software Solutions, a consulting company specializing in financial services. He's in charge of designing and programming our .NET-based ATM solution which is ready to hit production now. Boris got interested in Kinect back when it was still called Project Natal; however, it was Adafruit's challenge and the resulting drivers (CodeLabs, OpenKinect) that got him hooked and started developing NKinect for his own needs.


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