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Shaun Walker on the state of DotNetNuke

Episode #623 Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carl and Richard talk to Shaun Walker, CTO of DotNetNuke Corp. Last time Shaun was on the show, the commercial version of DotNetNuke was just starting out. Shaun brings us up to date on the state of the business, the balance between community and commercial, and the evolution of the store front for the thousands of plug-in products for DotNetNuke.


Shaun Walker

Shaun Walker is the original creator of Oqtane and DotNetNuke, web application frameworks that have earned the recognition of being amongst the most pioneering and widely adopted Open Source projects native to the Microsoft platform. He has 30+ years of professional experience in architecting and implementing enterprise software solutions for private and public organizations. Based on his significant community contributions he has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for over 14 years. He was recognized in 2011 as a leading entrepreneur in the BIV Forty Under 40 business awards and is currently the Chair of the Project Committee for the .NET Foundation


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