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The Future of Web Apps from Tech Ed New Zealand

Episode #603 Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While Carl and Richard were at Tech Ed New Zealand, Richard moderated a panel discussion on the future of web applications.


Adrian Krzyzewski

Adrian Krzyzewski is the Managing Director of Ethos Software Architecture Ltd (UK). With more then 8 years experience in the Software Development and Project Management, Adrian's Vision for ethos has always been Total Quality, Company Performance, Staff Excellence and above all, providing the correct Business Solutions in order solve our customers problems.

Andrew Tokeley

Andrew Tokeley currently works as Product Development Manager for Xero, a web based accounting solution. While these days he spends more time in meetings and wading through a steady stream of e-mails he has a long working history in software development, architecture and all things related to building applications on the Microsoft stack. Andrew has been a regular speaker at TechEd since 2004 and enjoys presenting in local user groups. Most recently Andrew's focus has been on Silverlight and in January 2010 was awarded a Silverlight MVP. He was heavily involved in the ButtercupReader project, a Silverlight application that made it possible for the partially sighted and blind to read digital books. Andrew is a strong believer in the potential of Silverlight to take web applications beyond what is currently possible in HTML based applications - and will take any opportunity to talk about it to anyone who will listen.

Darren Wood

Darren Wood has been online since the late nineties when the internet was a series of IRC channels, bulletin boards and low-graphic Times New Roman websites. Over the years he has worked in South Africa, London and has now settled in Auckland, New Zealand. Darren's focus is on building usable, good looking websites.


By day, Darren is an interface designer-developer at Marker where he has designed and/or built websites for clients in Australia and New Zealand. By night, Darren is known as a web geek and/or "Mr Microformats". At any time you can be sure that he is an advocate of accessible, semantic HTML. You can follow Darren's online antics at his website dontcom.com or on Twitter as @darren.

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