.NET Rocks!

Mark Relph Wants More Windows Applications!

Episode #598 Thursday, September 30, 2010

While at TechDays Vancouver, Carl and Richard talk to Mark Relph from the Microsoft Windows team about building Windows applications.


Mark Relph

As Vice President of the Developer & Platform (DPE) Group in Canada, Mark Relph is focused on enhancing Canada's technology economy & ecosystem. Mark's organization engages with developers, IT professionals, designers and architects across Canada with an emphasis on building their skills and enriching their careers. Mark is also focused on stimulating early adoption of key aspects of the Microsoftr platform such as Microsoft's web platform and software & services strategy. Mark's team also strives to enhance the ecosystem of independent software vendors in Canada, including working with startups and the venture capital community. Finally, Mark's group works with technology students and academic institutions across Canada to ensure that the next generation of ICT professionals is prepared for the future.

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