.NET Rocks!

Glenn Block is Still a MEF Head

Episode #580 Thursday, July 29, 2010

During the .NET Rocks Live Weekend, Carl and Richard talked to Glenn Block - discovering he was no longer with the MEF team, but was still a MEF head.


Glenn Block

Glenn Block is a seasoned leader with 20 years+ experience in software engineering and product management. He currently works at Microsoft on the Core Ecosystem Team where his team is responsible for Microsoft Graph and several services in M365. In the past Glenn has been a big supporter of the developer and open source community and was an early adopter of Open Source at Microsoft. He is passionate about moving the ball forward for creating a more inclusive and safe environment in tech. He invests a large amount of his energy in mentoring and advising in particular for black women / folks from marginalized groups, and is actively working to change the status quo. He is a lifelong learner and is currently pursuing his Exec MBA at Seattle University. Glenn lives with his wife and 16 year old daughter in Seattle.

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