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Catching up with Roy Osherove at NDC

Episode #577 Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roy Osherove talks about his experience moving his software company's build servers into the cloud. Recorded June 17th in the Fishbowl at the Norwegian Developer's Conference.


Roy Osherve

Roy has spent the past decade developing and architecting software solutions for various companies in Israel and Europe. He's a Microsoft MVP and writes regularly on .NET, Agile Development Techniques and other geeky stuff on his blog and various other places such as MSDN Magazine. Roy is also a regular presenter at Microsoft Conferences such as TechEd Europe and Israel, DevDays and user groups in Israel and Europe. Roy is one of the leading voices for Agile development in Israel and is the Founder of the Agile Israel user's group - Israel's First and only Agile-Dedicated User's group. Roy is the principal of Team Agile: www.TeamAgile.com (i9f), a consultancy located in Israel dealing with Agile development methodologies, .NET Architecture and Design and mentoring developers. Roy's blog is at www.ISerializable.com(i9g)

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