.NET Rocks!

Kevin Hazzard on Code Contracts

Episode #570 Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kevin Hazzard talks about Code Contracts, which grew out of Spec# and now exists in the .NET Framework 4.0. He also gives us his take on F#.


Kevin Hazzard

Kevin Hazzard is a C# MVP who's totally hooked on IronPython and F#. He is a college professor teaching C++, C# and Python since 1999. Kevin is a user group junkie, attending and speaking about 20 times per year from Boston to Atlanta and points in between. He is also a manager and architect with CapTech Ventures, a consulting firm of 250+ Java, .NET, BI and database professionals based in Richmond, VA. Kevin presides over the Richmond Code Camp planners group, is the president of the Advisory Board for the IT Program in the School of Business at the college where he teaches, and a founder of the Richmond Software Craftsmanship Group. He is also a missionary serving in the US and South America, and father to five kids and one lovely wife.

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