.NET Rocks!

Jackson Harper and Chris Hardy on Mono

Episode #568 Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jackson Harper from the Mono team and Chris Hardy, an ASPInsider talk to Carl and Richard about the state of Mono, Moonlight, and Monotouch, which Chris swears is not dead.


Jackson Harper

During his time on the Mono project Jackson Harper has worked on the IL Assembler, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Moonlight. He has also created Linploy.com - a site for deploying Linux Appliances and created the Minge Template Engine, an alternative template engine for .NET developers.

Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy, director of Customer Support at Xamarin, recently moved from the UK to Xamarin's Boston office after being one of the first developers to develop for Xamarin.iOS in 2010. Often found at conferences and user groups around the world, Chris also contributed to the xamarin.ios and xamarin.android books from Wrox with wally mclure et al and is excited to see C# on all the mobile devices.

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