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Jon von Gillern Analyzes Code with Nitriq

Episode #567 Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jon von Gillern talks about his passion for coding, which has culminated in two unique code analysis products: Nitriq and Atomiq.


Jon Von Gillern

Jon von Gillern became interested in code in his junior high programming class when, in a "delusion of grandeur", Jon convinced himself he found a pattern to prime numbers using BASIC-A. Although deflated after realizing his theory was quite silly, his passion for writing software flourished and Jon continued on to get a degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. He has been paid to develop everything from Excel Macros to large scale genetic visualizations using WPF. Currently, Jon is the tech lead for two new developer tools - Nitriq Code Analysis and Atomiq Duplicate Code Finder.


You can find Jon around the Des Moines area helping to organize the local user group and the Iowa Code Camp. He is scheduled to speak about Regular Expressions at KCDC in Kansas City on June 19th as well as Expression Blend at the Heartland Developers Conference in Omaha on September 9th.


Jon is very excited about the new BigInteger class in .Net 4.0 where he plans to do further testing on his crackpot ideas about prime numbers.

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