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Dean Guo Takes Us Into Project Trident

Episode #496 Thursday, November 5, 2009

The boys talk to Dean Guo about Project Trident, a scientific workflow workbench. With Project Trident, you can author workflows visually by using a catalog of existing activities and complete workflows. The workflow workbench provides a tiered library that hides the complexity of different workflow activities and services for ease of use.


Dean Guo

Dean Guo is a Senior Program Manager for External Research Division of Microsoft Research.


External Research division is responsible for broad reach and in-depth engagements with academic and research institutions, related government agencies and industry partners. This division is also responsible for working with internal Microsoft groups to build future technologies and products that will transform computing for scientific and engineering research.


Dean has been working for Microsoft for 10 years. Prior to joining the External Research division, He spent 8 years in Microsoft Consulting Services as a .Net application development consultant working with a variety of Microsoft enterprise customers. He specialized in enterprise application integration and Web application development in .Net.


He moved to Microsoft Research a year and half ago and has been working on developing solutions to support large-scale science projects and reproducible research. Project Trident - A Scientific Workflow Workbench is an example.


Dean has a Ph.D. degree in Medical Informatics from University of Utah.

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