.NET Rocks!

Doug Seven on Visual Studio 2010

Episode #493 Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doug Seven talks to the boys about Visual Studio 2010. In particular, pricing, features, and the launch.


Doug Seven

Doug Seven is a Senior Product Manager for Visual Studio. For the past three years Doug has focused on tools enabling application lifecycle management (ALM), including Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. Doug Joined Microsoft ten years ago. With a colleague from Microsoft, Doug left and create DotNetJunkies.com and SqlJunkies.com and spent the next five years evangelizing ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. Five years ago Doug rejoined Microsoft as a Development Lead in Microsoft.com where he helped his team implement Team System and an ALM solution. Now Doug is using that experience to help define the next set of tools from Microsoft to enable team collaboration and productivity.


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