.NET Rocks!

Nate Kohari on the Zen of Project Management!

Episode #470 Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carl and Richard talk to Nate Kohari about lean project management, and Zen, a lean project management tool.


Nate Kohari

Nate Kohari has been making electrons dance in computers since hacking on GW-BASIC programs at the tender age of 8. During his experience in the software industry, he recognized that while the majority of focus is placed on the initial development of a software product, most of the effort is actually spent on the product's maintenance and development after launch. This led him to learn about the application of lean ideas to software development. Nate also believes deeply in the value of open source software, and previously created Ninject, a popular dependency injection framework. Nate co-founded Enkari, and as President & CTO, he is charged with the company's strategic direction and the development of the product.


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