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Aaron Erickson Identifies the Seven Deadly Firms

Episode #464 Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aaron Erickson talks with Carl and Richard about the various 7 anti-patterns of the tech consulting business. His book is a veritable survival guide for consultants.


Aaron Erickson

Aaron Erickson is the author of The Nomadic Developer, a "field-guide" to the occupation of technology consultant. Aaron is a veteran technology consultant, writer, and Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks, Inc. He has spent the majority of his career catering to the individual needs of companies of all sizes. For the past 16 years, Aaron has worked with leading-edge companies, providing prescriptive guidance to both the knowledge workers-those who actually produce the software-as well as the management side of the business, including CEOs, CTOs, and other executive staff. His experience has led him to do business with a variety of clients across financial services, supply chain, and insurance, vertical industries. He is an enthusiast of agile techniques for delivery of software, and has special interest in helping companies understand the economics of technical debt.


Aaron frequently speaks at events such as TechEd, VSLive, Code Camps, and .NET user groups on topics ranging from the highly technical (F#, C#, LINQ, and Functional Programming), to more business focused topics - particularly topics that relate to how to survive the "jungle" that is the technology consulting industry.


Aaron has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. He has written for .NET Developers Journal and InformIT. He blogs at nomadic-developer.com. Readers can follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/AaronErickson.


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