.NET Rocks!

Jason Diller and Daniel Crenna on TweetSharp

Episode #456 Thursday, June 18, 2009

TweetSharp is a .NET library for developing Twitter applications. Yeah, that's what I thought too until we talked to these guys! You'll want it.


Jason Diller

Jason Diller, an application framework developer for a Canadian ISV, has been working with C# and .Net since its beginnings, and other langugages on Microsoft platforms all the way back to FoxPro for DOS. In his spare time he contributes to the open-source TweetSharp project, works on a twitter client, raises two daughters, and plays bass guitar in his employer's house band. He posts regularly on twitter at twitter.com/jdiller and blogs infrequently at www.diller.ca

Daniel Crenna

Daniel Crenna is a Microsoft MVP and the creator of TweetSharp, an open-source Twitter API development library. He is currently writing "Professional Twitter Development" for Wrox Press and is working on a Twitter-based startup with co-creator Jason Diller. Daniel was a contributor to the Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. You can read his blog at www.dimebrain.com.


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