.NET Rocks!


Episode #449 Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carl and Richard talk to Nickolas Gustafsson and Josh Phillips about Axum, a new language developed specifically for parallelism.


Niklas Gustafsson

Niklas Gustafsson has been with Microsoft since 2002, working first on language incubation within Visual Basic and later joining the Parallel Computing Platform team as a software architect. As a member of the PCP team, Gustafsson is primarily responsible for the design and architecture of the Microsoft Concurrency Runtime and libraries built on it. Familiarly known as ConcRT, the runtime is the foundation for all native code concurrency efforts within the Developer Division. Gustafsson is also responsible for Axum, a language incubation effort within PCP aiming to introduce actor-oriented and data-flow programming patterns in managed code.

Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips is a Program Manager on the Parallel Computing platform. He works on the Parallel Extentions that ship in .NET 4.0 and is also the Program Manager of Axum.


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