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Aslam Khan talks Design

Episode #415 Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aslam Khan tells us his thoughts on good software design, focusing on the domain, resisting prototypes and big design up front. He also shares his thoughts about Software as a Service.


Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan has over eighteen years of professional experience covering software architecture and development using design patterns, agile methodologies and various static and dynamic programming languages. He works intimately by coaching software development teams to design and build sustainable, low maintenance enterprise applications by focusing on team agility, simplicity over complexity and by taking the fundamental position that design is more valuable than a technology.


He holds the philosophy that successful architectures and enterprise applications can be achieved if one immerses themselves completely in the business domain of the enterprise. With a degree in Electronic Engineering, Aslam believes that software architects must be able to build what they draw and still finds room in every engagement to practice his craft of software development.


Aslam is an architecture and design coach at factor10 and looks after factor10 interests in South Africa. He is a regular writer in various technical forums and speaker at local and international events and is a dzone.com editor for the Architecture Zone. You can read his blog at http://aslamkhan.net.


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