.NET Rocks!

Dan and Kathleen on Kids and Computing

Episode #350 Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dan Appleman and Kathleen Dollard have a lot to say about kids: computing, and programming. This is a great show for parents or anyone who works with kids.


Dan Appleman

Dan Appleman is a well known author, software developer and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Desaware Inc., a developer of add-on products and components for Microsoft Visual Studio. He is a Microsoft Visual Basic MVP, webmaster of SearchDotNet.com, one of the cofounders of APress publishing, and is the author of numerous books and ebooks including "How Computer Programming Works" and "Always use Protection: A teen's Guide to Safe Computing.

Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen Dollard loves to code and loves to teach and talk about code. She’s written tons of articles, a book, and spoken around the world. She’s on the .NET Team at Microsoft where she works on the .NET managed languages (C#, F#, and Visual Basic.NET). She’s always ready to help developers take the next step in exploring the wonderful world we call code.

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