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Jonathan Zuck on the Politics of OOXML

Episode #335 Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jonathan Zuck from ACT (Association for Competitive Technology) is back to talk about OOXML (Open Office XML), the EU vs. Microsoft, and other political issues that impact you as a software developer.


Jonathan Zuck

Jonathan Zuck is a widely known and respected leader in the technology industry. Since assuming leadership of the Association for Competitive Technology, Mr. Zuck has provided analysis, commentary and background information on a wide range of technology issues to the media, the public and Congress. He has been called on as a technology expert for the major news networks including CNN, CNBC and ABC, he is a frequent contributor to national and local radio news programs, and is consistently quoted in the trade and popular press. A prolific writer whose work has appeared in trade publications including PC Magazine, PC Week, Windows Tech Journal and in several books, Mr. Zuck is in high demand as a speaker at trade conferences around the world. ACT is a national education and advocacy group for the technology industry. Representing mostly small- and mid-sized companies, ACT is the industry's strongest voice when it comes to preserving competition and innovation in the high tech sector. ACT's membership includes businesses involved in all aspects of the IT sector including computer software and hardware development, IT consulting and training, and dot-coms.


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