.NET Rocks!

Issam Elbaytam and Scott Wileke

Episode #323 Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carl talks about Active Reports and other great new tools on the way from the boys at Datadynamics.


Scott Willeke

Scott Willeke is one of the original architects of ActiveReports and Data Dynamics Reports. He is passionate about creating innovative business intelligence solutions and is the brains behind GrapeCity's newest product, ActiveReports Server, a 100% Web-based, rich, self-service reporting solution for business users.

Issam Elbaytam

Issam Elbaytam - Founder and Product Manager at Data Dynamics. He is 20+ year veteran of software development. Started writing scheduling software in Clipper 87 for healthcare and moved to VB3 during a brief consulting career. For the past 12 years he has beenhelping developers and businesses make the most of their data to support decision makers.

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