.NET Rocks!

Miguel de Icaza and Geoff Norton on Mono

Episode #313 Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Miguel is back to talk Mono with Geoff Norton. Many things have changed since we last talked to Miguel about the Mono project, an open-source port of the .NET Framework that runs on Windows, Linux, and the Mac. The focus is mostly about running .NET apps on the Mac.


Miguel de Icaza

Miguel de Icaza is an open-source developer and advocate, and a Microsoft distinguished engineer.

Geoff Norton

Geoff Norton is a developer for Novell working on the Mono Project. He's a founder of the Cocoa# and Objective-C# projects and is in charge of the Mac specific development for the Mono project, including a native System.Windows.Forms driver and native Gtk# support. Prior to working for Novell Geoff had been a Mono project contributor for about 3.5 years.


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