.NET Rocks!

Colin Miller and the .NET Micro Framework!

Episode #294 Thursday, November 29, 2007

Geek out with Carl, Richard, and Colin Miller about the .NET Micro Framework for embedded systems.


Colin Miller

As the Product Unit Manager for Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework, Colin Miller is responsible for driving Microsoft's initiative to deliver a developer platform for small embedded devices. In this role, Miller manages business plan development, group partnerships, and the overall strategic direction of the.NET Micro Framework platform. Working on the .NET Micro Framework has enabled Miller to enjoy his personal passion for developing small devices and pervasive computing scenarios.


Since joining Microsoft in 1995, Miller has held various management positions at other groups within the organization including Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), Passport, TransPoint, and 16-bit Internet Explorer. Within those roles, Miller was closely involved in a range of Microsoft innovation efforts including Internet Assistant, Internet Explorer, Transpoint Internet Bill Presentment and Payment, and Smart Personal Objects.


Prior to working at Microsoft, Miller held several positions as a developer in natural language, hypertext, database, desktop publishing, and consumer products with companies such as MicroRim, Aldus Corp., and Delrina. He began his career at the University of Washington as a scientific programmer responsible for experimental control applications on micro processors and small computers.


Miller holds a Master's Degree in software engineering from Seattle University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Washington. In addition, Miller has participated in various speaking engagements at major industry events such as the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) East, and Mobile and Embedded DevCon (MEDC), where he delivered a keynote presentation.


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