.NET Rocks!

Eli Lopian Discusses TypeMock.NET

Episode #278 Thursday, October 4, 2007

Carl and Richard talk to Eli Lopian about how mocking the right way can produce isolation in your test environment, allowing for more effective unit testing.


Eli Lopian

Eli Lopian is the Founder of TypeMock Ltd. (www.typemock.com) a technology company specializing in tools that help developers test their code. The first product is TypeMock.NET that helps isolate software component for simpler testing.


Eli has 17 years of diverse commercial experience include applications from embeded systems to gaming, large facility management to Agile process implementations.


Eli is equally proficient in Java, C# and C++. Eli has helped large teams transit from waterfall development process to a more agile one, managing the process both on the technical side and on the people side. Eli co-lead and spoke at the Agile Israel user's group - Israel's First and only Agile-Dedicated User's group


Eli's blog is at www.elilopian.com.


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