.NET Rocks!

Scott Cate on the MVP Pattern

Episode #272 Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scott Cate talks about using the Model View Presenter pattern in ASP.NET, as well as his latest software creations and ventures.


Scott Cate

Scott Cate is the President of myKB.com, Inc., in Scottsdale, Arizona. myKB.com is a technology company specializing in commercial ASP.NET applications.


His product line includes myKB.com (Knowledge Base Software), kbAlertz.com (Microsoft Knowledge Base Notifications), and EasySearchASP.net (a Pluggable Search Engine for ASP.NET sites). Scott also runs AZGroups.com (Arizona .NET User Groups), one of the largest and most active user group communities in the country, and is a member of ASPInsiders.com, a group devoted to giving early feedback to the Microsoft ASP.NET Team.


Scott has also been awarded the ASP.NET MVP for five years in a row, from 2004-2008. In addition, Scott has co-authored an AJAX book titled "Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET" and the non-fiction novel "Surveillance" ( http://surveillance-the-novel.com ).


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