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Michael Dunn on Speech Server and OCS

Episode #267 Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Michael Dunn tells Carl and Richard about Office Communication Server (OCS) 2007 which has incorporated Live Communication Server with Speech Server. Speech Server is one of the key development elements of OCS, providing the ability for .NET developers to build applications that can both speak and understand speech with minimal coding.


Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is a consultant for Magenic (www.magenic.com), a Microsoft-centric consulting firm based in Minneapolis. He is a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Office Communications Server and a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences across the United States. In his free time, he can be found answering questions about Office Communications Server 2007 in the various MSDN newsgroups or blogging on GotSpeech.NET (www.gotspeech.net).


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