.NET Rocks!


Episode #260 Thursday, August 2, 2007

Carl and Richard talk to Anand Raman and David Wright about Sandcastle, an internal tool for generating code documentation that is now available to the general public.


Anand Raman

Anand Raman is Group Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division Content and International Team. He runs the development teams that build the tools for shipping documentation for Visual Studio, .NET Framework and Windows SDK. His team is also responsible for shipping community Wiki and Translation Wiki projects. Anand has graduate degrees in Computational fluid mechanics and worked several years as researcher before joining Microsoft. He is an avid tennis player.

David Wright

David Wright is a lead developer for Microsoft's Developer Division Content and International Team, which manages the creation, localization, and quality control of over a million pages of documentation for developers on Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. David completed a Ph.D. in physics and worked for several years as a research physicist before his interest in programming led him to a job at Microsoft, where has worked for the last six years. He enjoys hiking, sailing, traveling, and any problem amenable to a good, clean mathematical analysis.


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