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Scripps Institute

Episode #243 Monday, June 4, 2007

Carl and Richard interview Peter Kuhn from the Scripps Institute about an application he designed to allow cancer researchers to visualize molecules and annotate them with real time collaboration. The application was written with beta versions of WPF, and champoined by Tim Huckaby's team at Interknowlogy and evangelized by Eileen Rumwell and Stephen Forte. This is an amazing success story.


Peter Kuhn

Peter Kuhn is an associate professor in the department of cell biology at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif. His research is focused on the development of a fluid biopsy for the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy management of breast, lung, colon, prostate and other tissue cancers. He is the principal investigator of the NIH NCI Physics Oncology Center on the 4-dimensional biopsy, investigating the physics and mathematics of cancer metastasis.

Eileen Rumwell

Eileen Rumwell is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. Prior to that she was Senior Audience Marketing Manager and before THAT she was the Program Manager of the Regional Director program. She loves working with developers in Evangelism, and has been an avid supporter of .NET Rocks! from its very inception! Thank you, Eileen!! You can read her blog at www.shrinkster.com/pga

Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences.

Mr. Huckaby has over 35 years of technology experience including serving on a server product team as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft. Mr. Huckaby worked on some famous and not so famous Microsoft Server products in the late nineties. Mr. Huckaby is a Microsoft Global RD, a Microsoft MVP and serves on many councils and boards like the Microsoft Application Development Partner Advisory Council.

Mr. Huckaby has been awarded many times for the highest rated technical & industry presentations and keynotes for Microsoft and many other vertical & technology conferences like CES and events all around the world. Having worked for or with Microsoft for over 25 years, Mr. Huckaby has been on stage with, and done numerous keynote demos for many Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Mr. Huckaby has been published thousands of times including authoring 3 books and hundreds of magazine articles. Mr. Huckaby works directly with the Technology Press on messaging and industry comprehension.

Stephen Forte

Stephen Forte a managing partner at Fresco Capital and the co-founder and accelerator director of the Laudato Si’ Challenge, inspired by Pope Francis. Prior he was the Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik, a leading vendor of developer and team productivity tools (acquired by Progress Software.) Stephen was the founder of Mach5, a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator and co-founder of AcceleratorHK, Hong Kong’s first startup accelerator. Stephen has an MBA from the City University of New York and did post-grad work at the London School of Economics. An avid mountain climber, Stephen leads a trek in the Mt. Everest region every fall to raise money for charity. After several years as an ex-pat in Hong Kong, Stephen now lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter. @worksonmypc

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