.NET Rocks!

Eric Sink and Martin Woodward on CI and Source Control

Episode #238 Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eric Sink is back, this time with Martin Woodward to chat about Source Control systems and Continuous Integration.


Eric Sink

Eric Sink is the founder of SourceGear, a software vendor in central Illinois. In 2003, SourceGear released Vault, a version control tool designed to be a replacement for SourceSafe. Nine years later, Vault continues to be a successful product in its niche. More recently, Eric has been focused on a next-generation project. Veracity is a Distributed Version Control System (like Git and Mercurial). It is open source (Apache License) and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). In 2011, Eric published a free book called Version Control by Example. VCBE is available online and free printed copies are available from SourceGear (until we run out).

Martin Woodward

Martin Woodward is the Director of Developer Relations at GitHub where he helps developers and open source communities to create delightful things. Prior to that, he was part of the team at Microsoft building the tooling for DevOps teams inside and outside the company where he helped change how the company built software. He also helped change how they work with open source communities by creating the Microsoft org on GitHub and helping to set up the .NET Foundation


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