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CosmosDB and AI with Mark Brown

Episode #1904 Thursday, June 27, 2024

CosmosDB makes ChatGPT fast! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard chatted with Mark Brown about CosmosDB's role in AI. Mark talks about how ChatGPT switched over to CosmosDB early on - when the number of users started to climb, database performance became essential, and CosmosDB was there. Today, many AI-centric CosmosDB features exist, like vector storage, indexing, and search! The conversation also digs into the impact of the large language model on development - things are different now!


Mark Brown

Mark Brown has been in the software industry for more than thirty years and has worked for a wide array of companies from ISVs to dot-coms; building applications that ranged from the largest of back-end systems to the smallest of devices and everything in between. Mark leads the Growth Team for Azure Cosmos DB.


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