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MAUI and Blazor with Beth Massi

Episode #1903 Thursday, June 20, 2024

What's up with MAUI and Blazor? Carl and Richard chat with Beth Massi about the latest MAUI, including the new webview available on GitHub that lets you embed an existing web page into your MAUI app. Beth talks about making apps the way you want to - with a mobile, web, or desktop focus - or making them all! Mixing Blazor and MAUI means you can steer clear of XAML if you prefer. There's no right way to build your clients, and MAUI gives you many choices!


Beth Massi

Beth is a Product Manager on the .NET MAUI team at Microsoft and is responsible for making native device and hybrid web development in Visual Studio a delightful experience. Formerly the Marketing Director and Community Manager for .NET as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the .NET Foundation, she’s spent her career helping .NET developers be successful.


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