.NET Rocks!

The Nomadic AI Developer with Aaron Erickson

Episode #1899 Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Nomadic Developer returns - and is working on AI technology! After fifteen years, Aaron Erickson returns to .NET Rocks to talk to Carl and Richard about his nomadic adventures. Aaron talks about the twists and turns of moving from consultant at Thoughtworks to leadership in a tech company, leading a startup, and now being part of the team at nVidia exploring the potential of machine learning and large language models. While the journey is inspiring, Aaron's passion for his latest work sparks a robust conversation about automation and the potential of what is being built today!


Aaron Erickson

Aaron leads a team building Autonomous agents at Nvidia. He last talked to us after his first book, Nomadic Developer, dropped in 2009. Since then, spent 9 years at ThoughtWorks, moved to San Francsico, built internal developer platforms at Salesforce, became a VPE at New Relic, then lost his mind and decided to become a startup founder where he attempted to build a company that used AI to automate your company reorg. After that startup didn't work, he joined Nvidia, where he now builds AI agents that optimize usage of GPU resources across the GPU fleet for Nvidia.


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