.NET Rocks!

Programming with Speech and AI with Karl Geitz

Episode #1894 Thursday, April 18, 2024

Can speech become part of your development workflow? Carl and Richard talk to Karl Geitz about his use of NaturallySpeaking to create software in Visual Studio. Karl talks about using voice to write better, longer comments in his code and also helps to navigate the features of Visual Studio itself. The effort started when dealing with Repetitive Stress Injury but has now evolved into his most productive approach to coding - one hand on the mouse, the other on function keys, and voice instead of typing!


Karl Geitz

Karl Geitz is a freelance software architect and developer, owner of Cobasoft GmbH (http://cobasoft.net/), building advanced applications for their clients, with C#, SQL and Web technologies. He has been working for Microsoft, Siemens, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, banks, and industry. His main topics are C#, Web standards, generators, performance, and accessibility. He is currently working in an IOT project (sensor data, flexible calculations, ClickHouse database) and a large inhouse application for an industrial client (ASP.NET, SQL-Server, CRM, document management, product planning, materials management). He is author of Cobasoft.Log, a fast and easy-to-use logging library and log viewer (https://cobasoft.net/en/utils.htm). He is using NaturallySpeaking intensely since 2002.


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