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GitHub Copilot Update with Michelle Duke

Episode #1892 Thursday, April 4, 2024

GitHub Copilot has been out for a few years now - how is it going? Carl and Richard talk to Michelle Duke about what's been happening with GitHub Copilot. Michelle discusses the new features in GitHub Copilot, including Chat, which gives you more of a ChatGPT-like interface while still being focused strictly on code, including your code! Then, the conversation digs into the broader ideas around large language models and the perception of artificial intelligence affecting the entire world. A lot is going on!


Michelle Duke

Michelle MIshManners Duke is a multi-talented personality in the tech and gaming communities. As a developer advocate, she gets to create awesome experiences and engage with the vibrant GitHub developer community. Michelle has spoken at over 250 events on topics like AI, the future of work, communication, teamwork, and has given technical demos. She is a respected leader in the hackathon community, having won, organised, and mentored over 100 hackathons. Michelle has founded several tech companies—including an AI company, and an escooter business—and, as a result, sits at the forefront of Melbourne’s science, tech, esports, and startup scenes. In her 'spare' time Michelle is a streamer, journalist, and is always working on something exciting. Catch her at an event or streaming on Twitch!


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