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API Observability with Anthony Alaribe

Episode #1891 Thursday, March 28, 2024

Do you understand how your APIs are being used? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony Alaribe about his experiences dealing with poorly documented APIs that need updates - but no breaking changes! Anthony tells a story about missing a use case for an API that cost a lot of money, which started him down the path to making APItoolkit.io. The toolkit allows you to see how your API is being used and any exceptions that are happening. It will also generate tests to validate that your new version won't cause problems! Check it out!


Anthony Alaribe

Anthony All-ih-REE-bay has spent over a decade building software at companies like Opera, Parity (Polkadot), and DeliveryHero. He has faced his fair share of dealing with unreliability and breaking changes in APIs, including losing over $2m in orders to such API issues at DeliveryHero, which prompted him to build APItoolkit.io to help companies navigate their backend and API landscape. He has an academic background in medicine and is currently based in Berlin. When he's not writing code, you can find him binging an Anime series, or thinking about how principles from the medical world can help us build software better.


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