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Aspect-Oriented Programming in 2024 with Gael Fraiteur

Episode #1890 Thursday, March 21, 2024

How has Aspect-Oriented Programming changed? Carl and Richard talk to Gael Fraiteur of PostSharp fame about his new tool, Metalama. Gael talks about being able to move out of IL and into Roslyn Analyzers to help you get rid of boilerplate code and focus more on the value your application brings. The conversation dives into how AOP can help build higher quality code, to the point of being a testing platform for code compliance for your organization - used right, metalama can make your code reviews smoother! There's a lot of power inside metaprogramming; it's worth trying to understand what Metalama can do for you.


Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur built his first commercial software at age 12 and never stopped coding ever since. Gael is widely recognized for his pioneering work in aspect-oriented programming (AOP), particularly through his creation of the PostSharp framework. Recently, his restless passion for improving software development led to the inception of Metalama, a totally new approach to code generation and architecture validation inspired by AOP and based on Roslyn. Gael is a devoted father of five. His musical taste oscillates between baroque, Piazzolla, and classic rock.


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