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Azure in 2024 with Magnus Mårtensson

Episode #1889 Thursday, March 14, 2024

It's 2024, how is Azure doing? Carl and Richard chatted with Magnus MÃ¥rtensson about his work with customers migrating and operating in Azure. Magnus talks about the waste many organizations have in cloud resources, often by provisioning services with too many resources or failing to shut down things they no longer need. The conversation digs into today's excellent tooling, including Azure Migrate, Advisor, and Monitor. All tools can help you right-size and control your cloud spend. And AI is coming to make those tools even better!


Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus MÃ¥rtensson is an entrepreneur, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Azure since the start of the cloud, and a Microsoft Regional Director (RD). He is a consultant, architect, product development lead, and he runs his own company Loftysoft. As an international speaker Magnus travels the world to teach, network, learn, and experience. His passions include connecting with audiences and organizing conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure. He is of course also very into good food, wine, and great company. Topping it all is mind-sharing, so when you see him at a conference, come over and say hi!


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