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The Observability Tipping Point with Steve Gordon and Martin Thwaites

Episode #1887 Thursday, February 29, 2024

Has observability hit a tipping point? Carl and Richard chat with Steve Gordon and Martin Thwaites about the various products and technologies today to make observability a vital part of a successful application. Steve talks about telemetry support hitting a tipping point where most vendors have products working with OpenTelemetry. Martin digs into the many places you can send telemetry to increase your understanding of how your applications work on-premises and in the cloud. It's an exciting time to build cloud-native - are you on board?


Steve Gordon

Based in the UK, Steve Gordon is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, and engineer at Elastic, maintaining their .NET libraries. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge by presenting talks at user groups and conferences, writing on his blog at stevejgordon.co.uk, and creating videos. You can find him on most social media platforms under the username @stevejgordon.

Martin Thwaites

Martin Thwaites is an observability evangelist, .NET developer and Microsoft MVP. He works for honeycomb.io, an observability vendor, as a developer advocate. He travels the world spreading rhe good word about OpenTelemetry and Observability Engineering. He will talk to anyone about Observability, OpenTelemetry or .NET anywhere anytime just ask.


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