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.NET Aspire with David Fowler

Episode #1881 Thursday, January 18, 2024

Coming out of .NET Conf, one of the big announcements was .NET Aspire. Carl and Richard talk to David Fowler about his work creating the tools to make building cloud-native .NET applications easier. David discusses the challenge of not re-creating the past - tools like Azure Service Fabric. However, the complexity of containerized applications is real. Aspire can make it simpler to take advantage of being in a container, on the cloud, with all the telemetry, observability, scalability, and flexibility that being cloud-native can bring you!


David Fowler

David Fowler has been at Microsoft for 15 years working on developer frameworks and tools in the .NET space. He's one of the creators of several popular OSS frameworks and tools such as NuGet, SignalR and ASP.NET Core. He also architected the Azure SignalR Service, a service for doing real time WebSocket based communication at scale. He's an avid open-source advocate and developer currently focused on simplifying developer experiences in the microservice space. When he's not working, he's busy with his 2 kids and wife playing tennis and other sports to keep himself active. David is from Barbados and goes back every year to visit family and friends and participate in the yearly Crop Over festival activities.


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