.NET Rocks!

.NET Performance with Daniel Marbach

Episode #1877 Thursday, December 21, 2023

How do you improve the performance of your .NET applications? Carl and Richard talk to Daniel Marbach about his work building high-performance .NET applications and the process he goes through to get them to perform at the level his customers need. Daniel talks about profiling and benchmarking - understanding where your time passes in your code and how to measure it to know if you're making it better. The good news is that great tools are out there to help you; check the show notes for links to them!


Daniel Marbach

As a distinguished Microsoft MVP and software maestro at Particular Software, Daniel Marbach knows a thing or two about code. By day, he's a devoted .NET crusader, espousing the virtues of message-based systems. By night? He's racing against his own mischievous router hack, committing a bevy of performance improvements before the clock strikes midnight.


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