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Sustainable Development with Lea Mladineo

Episode #1873 Thursday, November 23, 2023

How do we make our software greener? While at NDC in Porto, Carl and Richard talked to Lea Mladineo about her work in sustainable development. Lea talks about the impact of digital technology on the environment and how, with some thought and effort, we can make a real difference to that impact. The conversation explores how cloud computing can worsen the problem - or better! Software efficiency can reduce the number of cycles needed to complete a task, which is good for the environment and could save your organization money!


Lea Mladineo

Lea Mladineo is a passionate technologist that loves to get people together to solve problems. With about ten years of working as a software engineer, Lea has been working in London as a C# backend engineer, delivering value to FundApps' clients for the last five years.


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