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React Server Components with Aurora Walberg

Episode #1872 Thursday, November 16, 2023

How can React Server Components make your website better? While at NDC in Porto, Carl and Richard talked to Aurora Walberg about her work with RSC and Next.js 13. Aurora discusses mixing server and client rendering - and server rendering within client rendering! While it's still early days, if you're looking for options in the React development space, RSC is worth a look!


Aurora Walberg

Aurora Walberg is a full-stack cloud developer from Norway. She is skilled in multiple technologies and domains such as React, Angular, .NET, and Azure, and has recently gained a great interest in web development specifically. She holds a bachelor's degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, with knowledge of engineering mathematics, robotics, algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture. After working for a couple of years at a financial technology startup, she continues developing as a consultant at Inmeta.


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